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Tampa Business Litigation Attorneys / Tampa Real Estate Title and Closing Attorney

Tampa Real Estate Title and Closing Attorney

Every real estate transaction, whether it is for the sale or purchase of commercial, residential, or investment property, is finalized at closing. Closing a real estate transaction refers to when the ownership of the property is transferred from the seller to the new buyer, keys to the property are given to the new owner, and any financial issues or other problems are resolved.

Unfortunately, closing can become delayed, or even come to a full stop, if problems regarding the title arise or the closing is not otherwise handled properly. If you are about to embark in a real estate transaction, call our Tampa real estate title and closing attorney first for the legal help you need.

Closing Services We Provide

When you are closing your real estate transaction, our experienced attorney can help ensure it is done within your budget, and on time. We handle all types of real estate transactions, including:

  • Drafting purchase contracts
  • Holding escrow
  • Examining the property title
  • Obtaining title searches and liens
  • Lien mitigation and resolution
  • Obtaining association payoffs
  • Handling mortgage, tax, and lien payoffs
  • Ordering and reviewing land surveys
  • Drafting conveyance documents
  • Preparing and reviewing the closing statement
  • Conducting the closing
  • Providing advice on ways to take title, including corporate formation
  • Handling disbursements after closing
  • Preparing assignments of leases/post-occupancy agreements

Title Agents vs. Closing Attorneys

Title companies are insurance agents that work for the insurance companies that underwrite the title insurance. They provide services to the insurer to make sure there is nothing on the title that could pose a potential risk for the insurance company. Title insurance companies cannot draft or review legal documents or provide legal advice, and they do not usually negotiate on behalf of the parties involved in a transaction.

Closing attorneys, on the other hand, work directly for the buyer, seller, or lender involved in a real estate transaction. Due to the fact that attorneys work directly for their client, they have a legal obligation to work in their best interests. An attorney has the legal authority to provide legal advice, prepare and review legal documentation, and negotiate on behalf of their clients.

State law in Florida does not require anyone to work with a real estate closing attorney during any transaction. However, there are many benefits to having an attorney by your side. An attorney can prevent unnecessary expenses, help you avoid liability, and resolve any issues that arise to ensure the transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Our Real Estate Title and Closing Attorney in Tampa Can Provide Sound Legal Advice

At BBDG Law, our Tampa real estate title and closing attorney knows how important your real estate transaction is to you. We also know how critical it is for your closing to proceed smoothly and conclusively and resolve any issues regarding the title or other concerns definitively and clearly. If you are about to take part in a real estate transaction, call us first at (813) 221-3759 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how we can help.