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Tampa Business Litigation Attorneys / Tampa Commercial Litigation Attorney

Tampa Commercial Litigation Attorney

Businesses today are more competitive than they ever have been before. With the saturated markets today, business disputes are almost a guarantee. Many business owners are worried about the cost of resolving these disputes but truthfully, failing to resolve them will be even more costly. It is for this reason that finding the right Tampa commercial litigation attorney is so critical. Having the right legal representation can mean the difference between ongoing corporate success and the complete devastation of a business.

What is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation is a very broad topic that handles disputes between businesses. Commercial litigation involves a number of different aspects of business operations including intellectual property rights, contract formation and performance, and a number of other issues and disputes. Essentially, commercial litigation covers all business-related matters. While any business transaction or dealing can result in litigation, there are times when it is especially common. These include:

  • Shareholder or partnership disputes
  • Joint ventures and partnerships
  • Partnership or ownership disputes
  • Tortious interference and other business contract matters
  • Intentional interference with possible business opportunities
  • Employment disputes
  • Breach of contract, fiduciary duty, or warranty
  • Product liability disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Lost income and profits
  • Bad faith issues
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Tax disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Purchase and sale contracts
  • Securities litigation
  • Fraud
  • Trade secret lawsuits
  • Debt collection

Litigation is not always necessary for the above issues. In some instances, alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration may be a better solution.

Liability During Commercial Litigation

Corporations are business entities that are comprised of individuals that make up the board of directors. Although the board of directors have the authority to act on behalf of the business, the corporation is still considered a separate legal entity from the owners. Due to this, a corporation is treated differently from the people who run the business. As such, corporations can become the subject of a lawsuit.

There are some situations, however, in which a court may decide to ‘pierce the veil’. Piercing the veil means a court will set aside limited liability for a corporation, making its directors and/or shareholders personally liable for any damages caused. When determining whether to pierce the veil, a court will take many factors into consideration. These include:

  • Failing to pay dividends
  • Failing to observe the formalities of the corporation
  • Non-functioning officers or directors
  • Inadequate capitalization for corporate undertaking
  • Siphoned funds from a dominant shareholder
  • The existence of a corporation purely for the facade of an individual or individuals
  • Failure to maintain corporate records
  • Insolvency of debtor corporation at the time of a transaction

Additionally, a court must find some type of injustice or unfairness before deciding to pierce the veil.

Our Commercial Litigation Attorney in Tampa Can Represent Your Business

Commercial litigation is always complex. At BBDG Law, our Tampa commercial litigation attorney can overcome the challenges these cases present so you have the best chance of a favorable outcome. Call us now at (813) 221-3759 or fill out our online form to request a consultation and to get more information.