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Tampa Business Litigation Attorneys / Tampa Business Transaction Attorney

Tampa Business Transaction Attorney

If you are considering buying or selling a business, it is critical that you first speak to a Tampa business transaction attorney who can help you through every phase of the process. These business transactions are extremely complicated and there are many different issues that can arise. Our attorney can help you understand how to purchase or sell a business and make sure the transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible. Our attorney can also help you overcome any challenge or obstacle you may face and ensure your rights are protected.

How Our Attorney Can Help You Purchase a Business

There are many benefits that come with purchasing a business rather than starting one yourself. After all, a business that already exists does not come with any startup costs, and it will have assets that you can start to use immediately. However, there are still some risks you may face when buying an existing business and so, it is always recommended that you work with an attorney who can shield you from these and provide sound legal advice.

Our business transaction attorney can help you negotiate the terms when purchasing an existing business. Additionally, our attorney can also help you identify and address potential issues before you complete the sale so you are not left with consequences you did not foresee. This can include obtaining an independent appraisal of the business and conducting a review of the seller’s financial records. Even when a business is making a profit, you must consider the legal issues that must be handled before the sale is closed and you take control of the company. These include zoning regulations, licensing permits, and more.

How Our Attorney Can Help You Sell a Business

It is just as crucial for anyone selling a business to have legal help as it is for people purchasing one. In certain cases, owners may only want to sell a portion of the company and not the entire business. Our attorney can help with all of the details of negotiating a sale that will meet your specific needs.

In addition to negotiating the terms of the sale, sellers must also fully understand the tax implications of selling a business. You will have to deal with the IRS, meet with many state authorities, and make sure you meet all of your tax obligations. Our attorney can also help with other issues related to selling a business, which may include:

  • Obtain financing for the purchaser,
  • Negotiate non-compete agreements so sellers cannot immediately start another competing business in the same area,
  • Establish a transition period for the seller to provide the purchaser with training so they can operate the business,
  • Transfer business-related intellectual property, such as copyrights and trademarks, to the buyer, and
  • Negotiate agreements with important employees to make sure they remain with the business once the sale is closed.

Contact Our Business Transaction Attorney in Tampa Today

Whether you want to buy or sell a business, you need legal advice. At BBDG Law, our Tampa business transaction attorney can provide it so your rights are protected. Call us now at (813) 221-3759 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation and to get the help you need.