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Tampa Business Litigation Attorneys / Tampa Elder Care Attorney

Tampa Elder Care Attorney

Contrary to what its name implies, elder law is not something you should put off thinking about. While elder law is intended to protect seniors, early planning can ensure that your needs, and the needs of your loved ones, are taken care of now, and in the future. Our Tampa elder care attorney is committed to protecting your rights and well-being. We can provide customized solutions for your Medicaid needs, estate planning, guardianship, long-term care, and more.

Elder Care Programs

There are many government programs available for individuals you should discuss with your Tampa elder care attorney. These include:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance: SSDI is available if you are ever deemed disabled and are unable to work. Employees pay into the program while they are able to work. As such, this insurance is not needs-based. Instead, qualifying depends on how much you have contributed to the program.
  • Medicare: Part A of Medicare provides general coverage for surgeries, hospitalizations, and some skilled nursing for free if you have enough Social Security credits when you turn 65 years old. Part B is paid coverage and can help with outpatient procedures, doctors’ visits, and more.
  • Social Security Income: SSI benefits are available to individuals who are deemed disabled but under the age of 65 years old. Unlike SSDI, this is a needs-based program, which means you cannot exceed a certain amount of funds or assets.
  • Medicaid: Those who do not qualify for SSI can still receive Medicaid in some instances. This program also places limits on funds and assets, and only those deemed disabled qualify. Medicaid is also only available to those 65 years of age or older.

Common Issues Addressed Under Elder Law

In addition to the programs that you may qualify for as you age, there are other issues that you should consider, as well. The most common of these are as follows:

  • Long-term care planning: Nursing homes and other long-term care options cost more than $100,000 a year in Florida. Long-term planning is essential to ensure that if you ever need these services, it does not devastate you financially.
  • Special needs trust: If you have a child or parent with a disability, establishing a special needs trust can protect their inheritance, as well as any government benefits they receive.
  • Wills and trusts: A will can outline how you would like your property distributed after you pass away. While a will does not shield your family members from the probate process, establishing a trust can.
  • Guardianships: There may come a time when you are unable to make medical and financial decisions for yourself. In these cases a guardian may be appointed and with proper elder care planning, you can designate someone while you have the capacity to do so.

The above are just a few of the different issues our Tampa elder care attorney can handle.

Call Our Elder Care Attorney in Tampa Now

It is never too early to start planning for the future. At BBDG Law, our Tampa elder care attorney can advise on the different issues you may face, as well as the solutions that can protect you and your family. Call us now at (813) 221-3759 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to get more information.